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Long Hollow Collection
(Vinyl Gable Brackets)
Our vinyl gable brackets (vinyl gable gingerbread) are offered in Three sizes and all Roof pitches from 4/12 through 12/12, 

The standard thickness of our vinyl gable brackets is 3/4 inch.  Actual sizes and more information about our vinyl gingerbread gable brackets is available in the catalog below.


Today’s modern neighborhoods offer beauty, practicality, and tremendous value in terms of amenities. The homes, however, sometimes lack originality. Long Hollow levels the playing field. This simple, stylish line will transform an
ordinary house into a unique, distinctive home, proving that “less” really is “more.” Express yourself. Add that special touch. Incorporate Long Hollow brackets into the exterior design of your home to create a place that’s cozy, warm, and full of character.

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