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Coastal Cottage Collection
(Vinyl Gingerbread Running Trim)
Vinyl Gingerbread Running Trim is 92 inches long and 3/4 inches thick.

Vinyl running trim is available in four heights.  An installed cap rail is available as an option.

Actual sizes for all vinyl gingerbread running trim is displayed in the catalog below.

Eclectic.  Funky. Unique. If these words describe you or your home, the Coastal Cottage collection is right for you. Simply put, our original designs don’t get any more original than this. Look closely at these works of art for hidden treasures such as a ship’s wheel, a crescent moon, or an ocean wave. Let your creativity come alive. Express yourself. Make a statement. Your home never looked so good.

Vinyl Brackets

Vinyl Gable Brackets

Vinyl Running Trim

Vinyl Sawn Balusters


Caribbean Lace


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